Cosmo I & D Co., Ltd.

As a comprehensive piping company, we are committed to provoding

one-stop service to enhance our customers’ trust in us and their convenience.

We sincerely welcome you to Cosmo I&D Ltd.’s website.
As the only comprehensive PE piping manufacturer in Korea, we improve the convenience of our customers, and we are always trying to find a solution to our customers’ problems.

By designing, producing and supplying polyethylene (PE) pipe, butt fusion, E / F pipe fitting, ball valve and construction tool, we supply high quality products for national gas pipes, water pipes, and sewer pipes.

With our extensive experience as a comprehensive piping manufacturer, we are increasing our pride of our Made-in-Korea products in countries like China and Bolivia, and we are also raising our reputation of Korean products.

We are committed to fulfilling our responsibilities as a comprehensive supplier of PE in Korea and abroad by working on the needs of our customers together, and developing and supplying good quality products, In order to provide new value to our customers, we will strive to put our effort in our research and development.

Once again, we are pleased to welcome you to Cosmo I&D Ltd.’s website, and we look forward to your continued interest and encouragement.

Thank you.

Cosmo I&D Ltd. CEO Young-Suk Shin